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AMBRO PMS Color Swatches

Pantone® Screen Printing Inks

Below is a representation of our stock plastisol screen printing ink colors.  Please keep in mind that both cameras and computer screens all represent colors slightly differently.  The swatches below are photographs of the actual screen printing inks that we print with, printed on white.  Please refer to them as a "close to" color for what you would like printed for your specific order. 

The PMS Pantone Matching System® was designed for coated and uncoated papers not fabrics.  While it is used universally for multiple substrates, it is nearly impossible to match an identical PMS® color on fabric.  However, we can get as close as possible to within a reasonable range of shades.

Golds & Yellows
Grey's & Silvers

** NOTE **  Cell Phone Screens and Computer Monitors do not always represent the actual colors of intention.  We provide these screen printed swatches as a guide for color selection.  In reality, there is a 5 degree sway on either side of a color when printing on fabrics.  We will do our absolute best to achieve your color of choice.

If you still have questions about the most appropriate color for your submitted artwork, please contact our art team directly filling out the form below:

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