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Contract Silk Screen Printing : Find a new one

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Contract Silk Screen Printing : Find a new one

I've talked to a lot of companies about their search for Contract Silk Screen Printing partners.  Most of the time, the reason why I have an opportunity to talk to them about Contract Silk Screen Printing is because they are upset with their current partner and are looking for someone new.

I've compiled a list of common complaints that I hear on a regular basis.  So if you are a silk screen printing company or if you are in the market for a new Contract Silk Screen Printing company, this list might sound familiar.

1.  My Contract Silk Screen Printing partner never finishes the contract printing jobs on time and I'm always missing deadlines.

2.  If my screen printer make a mistake and prints something incorrectly, they don't stand by their work and re-do the job, they try and convince me to take the work as-is.

3.  I can never price out jobs properly because my screen printer has confusing pricing and it always seems to change.

4.  I never receive return phone calls or emails.

5.  The quality of work from job to job varies greatly.

6.  When I ask for proofs or samples, there are charges or worse, I never get them.

7.  My Contract Silk Screen Printing company is not professional.  I can't rely on them and their shop is just a mess.

8.  Nobody seems to be working in my or my customers best interests.  I need someone that can look at something and provide me with recommendations and ideas.

9.  My partner doesn't have multiple services like embroidery, rhinestones, digital vinyl printing or sublimation under one roof, so I have to use many different companies to satisfy my customers.  I want a one stop shop.

10.  My contract screen printer takes my business for granted and doesn't appreciate my loyalty.

If you have any one of these ten items going on in your relationship with your Contract Silk Screen Printing then you might want to consider looking for a new one.

Contract Silk Screen Printing

If you've experienced any one of the ten items above, then we would be very interested in working with you for your Contract Silk Screen Printing needs.  AMBRO Manufacturing is a 26 year old garment decorating business.  We are wholesale screen printers and we appreciate all of our customers and work to ensure the highest level of service possible to enable our customers to sell more to their customers.

Please consider giving us a call today (908) 806-8337 x103 and ask for Darren.