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Silk Screen Printing Services

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Silk Screen Printing Services

With over 30 years of experience in garment, textile and clothing decoration services, AMBRO Manufacturing is a privately owned, hiqh-quality, reasonably priced company that specializes in Silk Screen Printing Services.

Silk Screen Printing Services

When you are searching for a Silk Screen Printing Services partner, it’s important to understand the capabilities, turn-around time, customer communication practices and quality of the potential partner that you are interviewing.

Silk Screen Printing Services Capabilities – Does your prospective partner offer the types of services that you need to complete your current work load?  Do they have services that you don’t currently use but could offer to your customer network?  Do they continually invest in capabilities for the future so that you can grow with them?

Silk Screen Printing Services Turn-Around Time – Does your prospective partner have the capacity to produce your work load in an acceptable time frame?  How important will your jobs be when your screen printing partner is in the middle of their busy season?  Will they commit to hitting deliverability dates?  What happens if they miss?

Silk Screen Printing Services Customer Communication Practices – When you want to talk with your screen printer, will they answer the phone?  How long will it take them to respond to emails?  Can you visit them if you need to?  Will they ask you questions if they have concerns or just mindlessly print what you sent them even if there are errors in what you sent?

Silk Screen Printing Services Quality of Goods – Have you reviewed the quality of your screen printers work?  Do they consistently produce high quality work?  What happens to the quality of their work when they are rushed?  How do they handle it when they make mistakes?

If you are interested in Silk Screen Printing Services, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.