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Stadium Blanket

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Stadium Blanket

One of the most common and traditional items that can be found at any American football game is a Stadium Blanket.   Temperatures in the north east can get down to sub-zero status, but even a chilly afternoon doesn’t thwart the most avid and dedicated football fan.

With their custom Logo Stadium Blanket in tow, football fans from Maryland to Main can be found sitting on ice cold football stands huddled under large logo printed Stadium Blankets.

Stadium Blanket

With hundreds of thousands of new stadium blanket sales each year, the opportunity to print an oversized school or company logo on a stadium blanket can’t be ignored.

The size of an average stadium blanket is 50” x 60”, construction is fleece (sweat shirt material) and the fabric is heavy weight.  The edges are hemmed and the blanket is big enough for two or three people.

AMBRO Manufacturing is a custom fabric decorating company based in New Jersey (Go Giants!) and our niche specialty is oversized screen printing.  We print VERY large!  We have found that the perfect logo size for a Stadium Blanket is between 35” and 38” in size.  This size is much larger than most screen printing companies offer, but it’s the smallest of the big prints for us.

Easily seen from across the stadium, your custom logo Stadium Blanket will last a lifetime and the jumbo print on these blankets is simply spectacular.  Logo prints are offered in up to 4 colors, but the most popular option is a single color jumbo logo print.

When placed on a bed or the back of a couch, the logo is very prominent, a Stadium Blanket makes a great collegiate memento as well as a fantastic corporate give-away.

If you are interested in Large Screen Printing and Logo Stadium Blankets, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.