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Blanket Printing

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Blanket Printing

AMBRO Manufacturing is a contract screen printing, garment, fabric and textile printer located in New Jersey.  Our specialty is large format screen printing, often called oversized screen printing or jumbo screen printing.

Blanket Printing

One of the primary requests that we receive from collegiate fundraising groups as well as high school fundraisers is if we have Blanket Printing capabilities.

Our jumbo sized screen printing equipment and expertise can easily produce huge logos on stadium blankets.  The typical stadium blanket is 50” x 60” and the logo print area is roughly 40”.  We have found through printing thousands of blankets that the ideal print area for any logo is 38” and positioned in landscape format.  We have printed in portrait, but based on how stadium blankets are used, the landscape format is a better positioning.

AMBRO Manufacturing provides Stadium Blankets in a wide range of colors and our standard offering is a one color print, with a minimum order of 48 blankets.  Typically, Blanket Printing

Place blankets at $25.00 each and from what we’ve seen with fundraisers, they are selling them for $30-$35 each.

Blanket Printing is a great option for anyone that wants a logoed product with a long lifespan.  Blankets are kept for a very long time and it is not uncommon for someone to have a logoed blanket for a lifetime.  Stadium Blankets with college or high school logos are valued keepsakes that people keep for their entire lives.

Imagine the corporate marketing power of something that someone keeps with your logo for their entire life.

AMBRO Manufacturing provides large format screen printing services to hundreds of companies, our expertise will ensure that your blankets look amazing.

If you are interested in a Blanket Printing project, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.