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Cut and Sew Contractors

Darren Amato

Cut and Sew Contractors

Cut and Sew contractors provide custom sewing services for a wide range of different companies who want to either modify existing products or create new ones.  Industrial sewing equipment is expensive and specialized, so when creating a new fabric based product, start ups and seasoned companies should consider contracting out their sewing work.

Over the past two decades, most of the cut and sew contractors have moved off shore to places like China, Cambodia and Taiwan.  There are however several large, medium and small custom sewing companies still here in the United States.

Cut and Sew Contractors

When selecting the best Cut and Sew partner, you should keep in mind what their specialties are and what their output capabilities are.  If you are looking in the U.S., also keep in mind that the pricing structure when working with these partners will not be close to what you might expect if you have been working overseas.

The top 10 things to consider when trying to locate the best cut and sew contractor for your business.

1.  Does the company sew here in the U.S. or are they a broker outsourcing overseas?

2.  What is their production calendar like?  Can you get your orders in a reasonable time?

3.  What is their blemish rate?

4.  Are their cut and sew minimum orders acceptable to you?

5.  When you are in pinch, do they have the ability to run small orders?

6.  Will the pricing per piece enable you to maintain a competitive price in your market?

7.  Can you get your partner on the phone, email or web to communicate?

8.  Where is your partner located and how does that impact shipping and costs?

9.  What type of specialized equipment do they have in house to suit your needs?

10.  What additional services do the offer to make your life easier?  Sourcing, Fabrics etc ...

If you are looking for a high quality, reasonably priced Cut and Sew Contractor in the U.S. AMBRO Manufacturing may be a partner that you would like to consider.  Please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.