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All Over T-shirt Printing

Darren Amato

All Over T-shirt Printing

AMBRO Manufacturing specializes in Oversized T-Shirt Printing sometimes called Allover the Shirt Screen Printing or All Over T-Shirt Printing.  Simply put, Oversized T-Shirt Printing is when a screen printer can produce a print that extends over the entire surface area of the front or back of a t-shirt or both the front and back of the t-shirt.  This all over t-shirt print area includes the neck line and the sleeves of the t-shirt.

All Over T-shirt Printing

If your t-shirt design includes extra wide or extra long elements that warrant a full all over t-shirt print, we want to talk with you.  Most screen printers have a limit of 16" or possibly 20".  AMBRO Manufacturing has specialized equipment that we developed that enables us to print over the entire surface of the t-shirt.

Most all over t-shirt printing is done with sublimation printing.  Sublimation printing is a good method, but you are limited to a 100% polyester garment, and the garment has to be white first and then dyed to a different color.  Our all over t-shirt printing is done with traditional screen printing and gives durability and a classic look.  all over t-shirt printing can be done on 100% cotton shirts and blends, the flexibility of this type of print enables you to offer this type of printing without concern for what the garment is.

If you are interested in all over t-shirt printing, please give us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.