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Sublimation Print

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Sublimation Print

The process of using Sublimation Print for decorating T-Shirts has become very popular over the last 5 years.  Sublimation technology is old print technology that involves using special sublimation inks and high industrial heat.  The inks are turned into a gas at a specific temperature and absorbed by 100% polyester material.  If you think of how an old school iron on worked, that is similar in process, but there is no residue, nothing is actually ironed on, the image is simply transfered from a special Sublimation Print paper into a gas, and to a garment.  It literally "jumps" off of the paper onto the shirt in brilliant colors.

Sublimation Print

Sublimation Print is available in small desktop formats which can be used to sublimate small items like socks or head bands, but if you want to sublimate a T-Shirt the only way to accomplish Sublimation Print on a T-Shirt is to have access to some serious sublimation equipment.  Professional Sublimation Print printers and industrial heat irons cost thousands of dollars vs. your typical home set up. 

If you are interested in starting your own line of Sublimation Print t-shirts, you will want to partner with a professional Sublimation Print company like AMBRO Manufacturing that offers low minimum orders of 25-50 pieces per order.

If you are interested in starting your own line of Sublimation Print T-Shirts, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.