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Garment Printing

Garment Printing companies can be found all over the world and each one is unique.  There are so many different methods of Garment Printing that it is often a challenge to tell them apart.  Here are some of the Garment Printing methods that are widely used.

Garment Printing Methods

Screen Printing / Silk Screen Printing

Screen printing is a method of printing that involves the creation of a screen that allows special garment inks to pass through design areas, leaving an impression on a garment.  Screen printing is the most popular garment printing method and is generally considered the industry standard and the most durable of all garment printing methods.

Heat Applied Vinyl

Using heat applied vinyl as a garment printing method is close in look and feel to screen printing, but doesn't involve ink.  Heat applied vinyl is typically CAD cut into the desired artwork and then applied with an industrial heat press to the desired garment.

Sublimation Garment Printing

Sublimation is one of the oldest garment printing methods and involved heat and special sublimation inks.  In order for sublimation printing to be effective, the garment being decorated must be 100% polyester, or have a high content of polyester.  Sublimation printing is a heat transfer process that involves sublimation inks, sublimation printers and sublimation paper.  The desired design is printed onto special sublimation paper and then heat transferred to the garment.  Unlike Vinyl, sublimation inks don't sit on top of the garment, they are infused into the garment.  To use an analogy, you are precisely "staining" the garment with your image.  The ink becomes part of the fabric, it doesn't sit on top of it like vinyl.

Other methods of Garment Printing or Garment Decorating are available including DTG "Direct To Garment" printing, Bling or Rhinestone/Sequins, Embroidery and Heat Applied Foils.  Most garment printing companies provide these services at wholesale and retail rates.

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