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Digital Textile Printing

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Digital Textile Printing

There is often confusion on when the use of Digital Textile Printing is recommended and when other printing methods like silk screen printing or dye sublimation may be a better choice.  Often consumers or businesses believe that if the pattern or image to be printed is a photograph or an image of high resolution that Digital Textile Printing is the only answer to ensuring a successful project.  However, there are many factors including fabric, size, use of item and a variety of other considerations to keep on the look out for that might impact the success of your project.

Digital Textile Printing

Digital Textile Printing often refers to one of two processes, the first being a large roll to roll ecosolvent print technology where printing from a computer is done directly on fabric.  The second technology is referred to as DTG or Direct To Garment printing.  DTG printing is a water based print process vs. ecosolvent.  Each technique requires specialty equipment and experience to achieve the optimum result.

Digital Textile Printing is a fantastic method to get very detailed prints on fabric, garments or textiles.  The process of Digital Textile Printing can be accomplished quickly and efficiently and typically within a very affordable investment range.

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