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All Over T Shirt Printing

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All Over T Shirt Printing

The process of using All Over T Shirt Printing as a method of decorating a T-Shirt is quite amazing.  The typical process to accomplish and all over shirt print is custom dye sublimation but over sized screen printing aka Jumbo Screen Printing can also be used.

All Over T Shirt Printing

The most common method of producing an All Over T Shirt Printing Tee is Dye Sublimation.  The process of custom dye sublimation involves the use of polyester fabrics, high industrial heat and pressure and customized printing equipment that can handle dye sublimation inks.

Typically a garment decorator will flatten a T-Shirt as much as possible in order to decrease wrinkles in the printing process, and then apply a large format sublimation transfer that is heat applied.  Unlike heat transfers of the past, dye sublimation transfers fuse into the fabric of the shirt itself.  When creating an All Over T Shirt Printing garment with Custom Dye Sublimation Printing, there is no "feel" to the design.  Screen Printing will produce a design by laying inks on top of the fabric, custom dye sub fuses the design into the fabrics.

Another option for creating All Over T Shirt Printing is through the use of Over Sized Screen Printing, often called Jumbo Screen Printing.  Using special screen printing equipment, experienced garment, textile and fabric decorators like AMBRO Manufacturing can produce an all over shirt print using screen printing.

Most screen printing companies can print in an area approximately 16" x 16" with over sized screen printing presses, AMBRO Manufacturing can print a screen printed design all over the face of the shirt and on the back as well.

Over sized screen printing enables designers to screen print on the sleeves, neck, wrap around and back.

Either option produces unique and exciting results.  If you are interested in an All Over T Shirt Printing project, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.