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All Over Screen Printing

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All Over Screen Printing

All Over Screen Printing is the process of using traditional screen printing technology, and applying a wider and longer stroke to completely cover the T-Shirt with a design on the neck, sleeves and waist.

Most screen printers that tout oversized screen printing can offer no more than 16" x 16", and while that's a decent sized print, it is nowhere near the 40" x 40" that AMBRO Manufacturing can produce.

All Over Screen Printing

As a true provider of All Over Screen Printing, AMBRO Manufacturing can produce amazing all over shirt prints that will wow your customers. 

There are two types of technologies used for an all over shirt print.  The first and oldest method is All Over Screen Printing, using traditional silk screen equipment.  Using jumbo screen printing presses, over sized screens and other special equipment, screen printers equipped with this type of technology can create the look and feel of screen printing on your t-shirt.

The second method is all over custom dye sublimation.  Custom Dye Sublimation uses only polyester garments that start white, and end up brilliantly decorated with your design.  Custom dyes along with industrial heat and pressure create vivid, sharp and photo realistic on your garment.

The differences between the two types of technologies used for All Over Screen Printing are drastic.  Screen printing will leave a touch to the design.  Running your hand over the top of the shirt will result in a feel to it.  Sublimation dyes the design or logo directly into the fabric, leaving no touch at all to the garment.

Depending on your desired outcome and the individual use of each garment, your specialized garment decorator can help you determine which method of All Over Screen Printing should be used.

If you are interested in oversized or jumbo screen printing, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.