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Screen Printed Bandanas

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Screen Printed Bandanas

Did you just open up new business and looking for an affordable way to get your business name out there? Or maybe you have a booth at a concert and looking for that last thing to add to your stock. How about getting some screen printed bandanas made up with your company logo, phone number, and or address on them? There great for giveaways and not to expensive so if you have a tight budget it works out.

Screen Printed Bandanas

Screen printing is a process where nylon screens that are in metal frames are coated with a photosensitive emulsion, dried with a light and then burned with the artwork. Once those processes with the screens are done they are ready to be loaded up onto the screen printing press and covered with ink. After they are covered with ink they are them transferred to a fabric of your choosing, which in this case would be a bandana.

You can choose your bandana to be any color you would like. You can also choose to have the entire bandana covered with your design or just one of the corners. So say your part of a band and moneys a little tight. Getting shirts and sweatshirts screen printed could become a little expensive. With screen printed bandanas they are cheaper so you’re not too concerned when you use them to giveaway or if you’re selling them you’re not worried if you don’t sell them all.

Screen printed bandanas are not only for giveaways or thing like that. Say you’re a mother and you’re throwing your child a pirate theme birthday party. You can get red or black bandanas screen printed with a skull and cross bones design and give them out as a party favor to your sons friends. There are so many different ideas you can come up with for screen printed bandanas.

If you are interested in a bandana project, please give us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.