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Custom Fleece Blankets

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Custom Fleece Blankets

One of the most popular item for fundraisers is Custom Fleece Blankets.  The reason behind the popularity of Custom Fleece Blankets is that these blankets are a one size fits all item, they can be printed with a VERY large logo or design and they have a long lasting shelf life of decades.

Think about it, who doesn’t need an extra blanket laying around? 

Custom Fleece Blankets are offered in two varieties.  The first is a 50” x 60” fleece blanket that is made from sweatshirt material.  These blankets are not the fuzzy polar fleece type, they are classic sweat shirt material. 

The second variety is a waterproof fleece blanket.  For this type, one side is sweat shirt material and the other is windbreaker nylon and water resistant.

Both of these Custom Fleece Blankets can be printed on with an extra large logo or design measuring 38” in height and a width to proportion of the design.

Custom Fleece Blankets

The majority of Custom Fleece Blankets that we print are a single color and printed on the fleece side.  These blankets are large enough to wrap around two average size people.  With a 38” logo, the design can be seen at a great distance.

Great for corporate give-aways, colleges, high schools or teams, Custom Fleece Blankets are a good choice when you don’t want to have to worry about sizes or fashion.

Our minimum order for Custom Fleece Blankets is 24 pieces which makes blankets an affordable option for teams, groups, clubs and organizations of all sizes.

If you are interested in blankets for a fundraiser, ask us about our online store option.  We understand the challenges of collecting order forms, and online stores solve those problems.

If you are interested in Custom Fleece Blankets, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.