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Stadium Blanket Fundraiser

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Stadium Blanket Fundraiser

AMBRO Manufacturing is an East Coast Screen Printing Company located in Flemington, NJ.  We specialize in jumbo screen printing, often called, Over Sized Screen Printing.  These capabilities enable us to produce high quality Stadium Blanket Fundraiser blankets.

You may have also seen some of the popular Billboard Jersey tees out and about, these are the long sleeve t-shirts that have a 25" wide back print area.  They also often go by the name Boyfriend Jersey or Billboard Crew.  These impressive print items offer a 25" area for a huge logo or word on the back.  While they are impressive, they pale in comparison to print size when you look at a Stadium Blanket that boasts a 38" print area.

Stadium Blanket Fundraiser

Many schools look for interesting and unique ways to raise booster funds each year.  Common fundraisers often include selling candy, pizza making kits, wrapping paper, pop corn or grocery debit cards.  While all of these items are useful and fun items to help produce fundraising dollars, they are all consumable items that once used are gone.

With a Stadium Blanket Fundraiser program, the recipients of the Stadium Blanket have a lifelong keepsake, often with their school logo printed on the front.  These blankets can last 40+ years and at a typical retail cost of $40-$45, are easily affordable by most families.

You can watch your fundraising dollars soar as you offer a custom Stadium Blanket Fundraiser program complete with a school colors blanket and logo printed in a huge 38" area on one side.

If you are interested in learning more about Stadium Blanket Fundraiser programs and how AMBRO Manufacturing can help you reach your fundraising goals by selling logo stadium blankets, please email us or give us a call (908) 806-8337.