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Silk Screen Printing

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Silk Screen Printing

Are you looking to have some silk screen printing done? Well look no further! Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we can help you with all your silk screen printing needs. We are a contract screen printing and embroidery company located in Hunterdon County New Jersey and we do work for people all over the globe. We can to silk screen printing with a minimum of 12 pieces per run to much much more.

Silk Screen Printing

With silk screen printing you can do so much. You can make shirts for you schools, or for fundraisers, or even for a cause. Whatever you want to do with your silk screen printing have fun with it and get creative. You can supply your own art work or we can help you create your art work and make it look magnificent. And you can choose from so many ink colors to go perfectly with your design.

How it all begins is by you giving us a call and one of our very knowledgeable employees here at AMBRO Manufacturing who will help you create your order. Then with silk screen printing we can help you create your art work or you can send your art work to us. When our artist has your artwork he will then print out films for your silk screen printing. After the films are printed out they will then be taken to be used to burn the screens that will be used for your silk screen printing. After the screens are burned they then go to the printing press where your article of clothing is created with silk screen printing. They your article of clothing will then go through a heater to dry the ink. And after all that your silk screen printing is complete.

So give us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us today and we will get you started on you silk screen printing.