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Custom Printed Sweatpants

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Custom Printed Sweatpants

Are you tired of going to football games and freezing your butt off? Are you looking for a warm, comfortable way to show off some school spirit and still have style? Why not get a pair of custom printed sweatpants? Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we offer a variety of printing processes.  Our sweatpants come in different styles like open bottom and closed bottom, sweatpants with pockets and without, drawstring waistband, elastic waistband, and men’s, women’s, and kids and at least in 12 different colors!

Custom Printed Sweatpants

Screen printing is when nylon screens in frames are coated with a photosensitive emulsion, dried with a light and then burned with the artwork. Once those processes with the screens are done they are ready to be loaded up onto the screen printing press and covered with ink. After they are covered with ink they are them transferred to a fabric of your choosing, which in this case are sweatpants. The possibilities for custom designs are endless. Anything you can think of we can most likely custom screen print for you. 

With other companies the largest they can custom screen print on a pair of sweatpants are 16” or 20” but here at AMBRO Manufacturing we can custom screen print on your sweatpants up to 36” Which is the entire leg from the waist all the way to the bottom of the sweatpants. So say you want to get matching sweatpants for your son and his wife for their honeymoon, go for matching black custom printed sweatpants with just married down the right or left leg. Or possibly you’re having a fundraiser and are tired of just having t-shirts. You can get sweatpants in different colors with the name of your fundraiser going down the leg. There are so many different ideas you can come up with for your own custom printed sweatpants that you cannot go wrong!

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