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Custom Screen Printed T-shirts

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Custom Screen Printed T-shirts

Are you a new business owner and have everything but some work shirts for your employees?  Or maybe you own a popular restaurant and looking for shirts that you can giveaway and sell at your restaurant, why not get some custom screen printed t-shirts?

Custom Screen Printed T-shirts

Custom screen printed t-shirts are t-shirts that are screen printed with a design or logo of your choosing. Screen printing is the printing process where screens in frames are coated in a photosensitive emulsion, dried with a light and then burned with the artwork. After that they are loaded up onto the printing press and covered with ink. After they are covered with ink they are transferred to your t-shirt. You can choose any color ink and any color shirt you would like for your custom screen printed job. You can even get tie-dye shirts!

The possibilities for custom screen printed t-shirts are endless. Any image you come up with you can most likely get screen printed on a t-shirt. Say for example you are going on vacation with your family and you are looking for a funny gift for everyone that they will wear and get a good laugh at? You can get, say a black shirt with an inside joke that only you guys will understand on the front on it in white ink. Or say you are taking your child and a bunch of her friends to the zoo or an amusement park for the day and you are nervous about losing one of their friends in the huge crowds.

You can get them all matching tie-dye shirts with a design that they came up with screen printed on the front or back of the shirt. As I said before the possibilities are endless for custom screen printed t-shirts. if you would like to learn more or order your very own custom screen printed t-shirts, call (908) 806-8337 or email us today.