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Print on Bandanas

Print on BandanasCatherine Schumacher

Print on Bandanas

Are you throwing your child a pirate theme birthday party and looking for something unique and one of a kind to put in the goodie bags? Why not get print on bandanas? Print on bandanas are bandanas that are screen printed with a design or logo on your choosing. Prints on bandanas are a unique and an inexpensive idea. We have many different kinds of bandanas you can choose from. You can get solid colors and tie-dye and you can get them in different sizes from 14”X14” which is a small hankie size to the normal size bandana of 22”X22”. You can even get oversized bandanas and child sizes, which is perfect for a child’s birthday party. You can get the entire bandana printed or just one of the corners.

Print on Bandanas

Maybe you on a pet store and are getting ready to have a huge sale and are looking for something to give away to your customers and their pets? Not only do we offer regular bandanas but we also offer triangle bandanas for your pets! You can get triangle bandanas in black and let’s say pink, with your pet store name in one of the corners and paw prints all around the bandana. Don’t want pink or black? Not an issue you can choose whatever color you would like. Like I said before they are affordable and any dog or cat lover will put them on their pets.

Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we can handle our print on bandana needs! The normal turnaround time is 7-10 business days and since all of our printing processes are done in-house, it gives us the control over production time and overall quality of your order. We strive to keep good communication with you throughout your time working with us.

If you would like more information on print on bandanas please call (908) 806-8337 or email us today!