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Different Types of Fabric Printing

Different Types of FabricSergio Rodriguez

Different Types of Fabric Printing

Pretty much every day of our lives we are exposed to printed garments; it’s just that popular.  It’s popular because it can transform a simple garment into a piece of art.  A beautifully printed piece of fabric can reflect the personality of the wearer and cause reactions in the people who come in contact with it.  So, you understand that fabric printing is popular and in demand, but did you know about all the different types of fabric printing out there?

Different Types of Fabric Printing

There are so many kinds of garments and so many different possible designs to apply on them, that necessarily there needs to be different types of fabric printing to accommodate all that variety.  One such example is fabric printing using water based and discharge inks.  Water based inks are used when the print you are attempting needs to be ultra soft.  Discharge printing is simply using a water based ink mixed with a discharge agent to remove the existing color and replace it with a new one.  Although, discharge printing can only be done on cotton as the discharge agent doesn’t affect synthetic fibers.

Sublimation printing is a great way to apply breathtaking prints on synthetic fibers, though!  This type of printing uses a heat press to cause the sublimation dye to convert into a gas and bond with the material to apply the print.  Sublimation printing is capable of amazing, photographic quality prints, but it requires a garment made of synthetic fibers to work.  So as you can see, there a lots ways to approach fabric printing and rightfully so, there are a bunch of different types of fabric printing services out there to get the job done.  Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we have all of the services I’ve mentioned so far, plus more!  You can contact us to find out all about us and our services by email or by calling us at (908) 806-8337.

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