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Custom Sweatbands

Custom SweatbandsKelly Munzipapa

Custom Sweatbands

Hey Ladies! Are you ready for your big softball game you have coming up this weekend? Are you sure you have everything that you will need for your game? What if you were to get some custom sweatbands for you and your team to rock at the big game this weekend?  You will love it if you got you and your team some awesome custom sweatbands. You will really stand out from the other softball teams and fans will remember you and those awesome custom sweatbands that you were wearing at the big game.

Custom Sweatbands

With custom sweatbands you can create something so unique and different for your whole team. Yet when you get your whole team custom sweatbands not one will be alike because you have your name and or number added to your custom sweatbands. You will be the coolest team out there if you get some awesome custom sweatbands. Who wouldn’t want to get a custom sweatband anyway?

The custom sweatbands are made to last a very long time. They are made out of moisture wicking polyester so it will keep the sweat out of your eyes when you are playing on a 100 degree day. Also the image you choose for your custom sweatbands will not fade or crack, because the image will actually be infused into the headband. This process is call sublimation and it is proved to hold up 20 times longer than screen printing or DTG.

Why don’t you and your team seat down and have a meeting on how you would like to create some awesome custom sweatbands. Once you and the team have come up with something awesome you can give us a call here at AMBRO Manufacturing where we can create your custom sweatbands for you. We can be reached at (908) 806-8337 or via email.

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