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What is Discharge Printing

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What is Discharge Printing

As there become more and more screen printers around, the ideas and inventions keep broadening. Printing is not the basic one color prints anymore; it has grown to multiple colors as well as new inks and things that you can do with them. Now, instead of always using ink that is thick, there are thinner inks, as well as water based inks. A technique called discharge is one of those water based inks that has become popular amongst consumers.

What is Discharge Printing

What is discharge printing you ask? Pull up a chair, sit back, and let me take you on a journey of how discharge prints are created. Discharge printing is when an ink agent gets mixed into the ink, and when applied to the shirt it will remove the dye of the shirt. Almost as if you accidently bleached a dark shirt it will turn lighter where the bleach hit was. Discharge printing lets you do a vintage “bleach out” method or you can add color to the ink. Overall the print is going to have a soft look that will still be vibrant but not as bright as using plastisol ink would have.

The next time you get a discharged printed shirt; all your friends will wonder where you got it and what it is. Since you would have it, you can tell them all about what is discharge printing and how simple it is to get a shirt like that from AMBRO Manufacturing.

AMBRO Manufacturing is the best place you can come to, to find out more about what is discharge printing. It is only a few steps away that you can get your own discharge printed shirt. You can give us a call any time at (908) 806 8337 or email us and we will get back to you with anything you may need to know about what is discharge printing.

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