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Custom Made Headbands

Custom Made Headbands, Custom Basketball HeadbanLeanne Phibbs

Custom Made Headbands

When you were a little girl I bet you used to like wearing headbands all the time. As time passed the headband fad died down and you grew out of that phase. There is a fun way to bring the headband wearing days back, and that is by wearing custom made headbands.

Custom made headbands are great for girls who play on sports teams, or dance teams. You can have anything you want on custom made headbands since we make them according to your desires and visions. We can screen print on any blank headband that you find. The print will be small since the custom made headband is a small area to begin with. We can print on the top of the headband or on the side of the headband. If you want to print on the side keep in mind that it will be a much smaller print than if you were to print on the top. We have a variety of ink colors that you can choose from to make your custom made headband.

Custom Made Headbands

If there is a seam in the headband that you choose we have to print either above or below the seam line. We can also embroider a custom made headband. When working with AMBRO Manufacturing, you can pick whatever thread color that we have in house for your design. As mentioned above about the location of the design, the same goes for embroidery. One thing that will differ is the amount of detail. With embroider it is harder to create designs that have a lot of detail in them because of using thread instead of ink.

If you want to start wearing headbands again then you can email us or give us a call at (908) 806-8337 and we can make your very own custom made headband just the way you want it.

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