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Custom Shirt Labels

Custom Shirt Labels, RelabelingLeanne Phibbs

Custom Shirt Labels

Have you always wanted to design your own shirt but hate the labels in them? Ever consider having your own clothing line? You can now have shirts with your own custom shirt labels. How do you ask is that possible? Well I can answer those questions for you. AMBRO Manufacturing is a screen printing company that can make you your own custom shirt labels.

Custom Shirt Labels

Custom shirt labels are pretty easy to make. We would need the artwork for the bale, which usually consists of your personal logo, the sizes of the shirts, and specifications of the shirt, and how to care for the shirts. Custom shirt labels are usually sized to around two inches wide. We screen print the custom shirt labels directly on the shirt. We would need to have separate custom shirt labels for each size shirt, one custom shirt label for a small, one for a medium, one for a large, and so on. That way each shirt has the correct information printed on it. Keep in mind to not put a lot of information in the custom shirt label because of how big the print is you may or may not see all the specifications.

Having a shirt with a custom shirt label makes a great way to promote your company or your own clothing line. In essence, the entire shirt will be designed by you. Typically we print custom shirt labels with the information being one color, the logo can also be one color but you can have it be more than one. Since we screen print custom shirt labels you will never have to deal with and itchy tag ever again.

You can email us or give us a call at (908) 806-8337 for any questions about making a shirt with a custom shirt label, we are more than happy to help you get your own clothing line or shirts started.