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Printed Promotional Umbrella Manufacturers

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Printed Promotional Umbrella Manufacturers

If you are in need of a printed promotional umbrella they you may be looking around for a manufacturer that can do that for you. It can be difficult to find a manufacturer to do large prints on a large item like an umbrella. Most of the time when you are looking to get printed promotional umbrellas you will notice that most of the manufacturers are overseas. It is not easy to find a printed promotional umbrella manufacturer here in the United States.

AMBRO Manufacturing is a New Jersey based printed promotional umbrella manufacturer. We can screen print onto umbrellas for you and we can do it with ease. We may be a small company but we aspire to do big things like printed promotional umbrellas and much more. We have acquired all of the capabilities over our 26 years in business to be able to screen print onto umbrellas.

It does not matter what type of umbrella you want we will print on it. Whether you want a rain umbrella, or a beach umbrella, or even a hot dog stand umbrella we have the capabilities to do it all for you. All that we will need to know from you are a few simple things like what type and color umbrella would you like to have for your printed promotional umbrella. Also what would you like screen printed onto your umbrella? And last but not least what color ink would you like your promotional logo to be in? That is all up to you we will just do all of the screen printing for you.

Now that you know where your printed promotional umbrella manufacturer is you can get started on your project. Feel free to give us a call here at AMBRO Manufacturing to get to know us and what we do a little better. We can be reached at (908) 806-8337 or even via email.