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Foil Printing

Foil Printing, Gold Foil PrintingSergio Rodriguez

Foil Printing

Just when you think you’ve seen it all from screen printing, think again!  Screen printing has been around for a while now and as most industries do, it has seen a lot of innovations.  There are many formulations of dyes that can achieve different results and work on different fabrics.  You can print standard size prints or with the right company, you can do oversized printing on large pieces of fabrics.  There are so many ways to make custom printing even more unique than just using regular inks.  One of these ways is with foil printing.

Foil Printing

Foil printing is a super flashy way to bring a lot of punch to your print.  With colored foils you can add brilliant color and texture to a design.  You will be simply entranced by the shine of a foil printed garment.  The most popular foils of course would be gold and silver, but there is a plethora of foil colors available.  You can even get a rainbow foil print if you can’t decide which color you want!  Your custom garments will look more expensive than ever when they have foil printing.  The process for foil printing is simple really.  Like in traditional screen printing, a silk screen has a design etched into an emulsion of where the foils print should be applied.  Instead of a colored ink, a layer of adhesive is applied to the garment in the shape of the foil design.  A sheet of foil is then laid onto the adhesive and heat is applied to the print.  The foil only binds to the garment where the adhesive was placed and the rest is peeled away.

Foil printing can really send your custom garment projects into the stratosphere.  Your designs will be immediately eye-catching and people will want to sparkle in your clothes.  At AMBRO Manufacturing, we can do your foil printing.  If you are interested in placing an order, or if you have additional questions, you can contact us by email or by calling us at (908) 806-8337.

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