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Custom Stadium Seats

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Custom Stadium Seats

Sports season is starting to get into full swing. That means it is time for you to get all your apparel and items for your favorite team. Sitting on the bleachers at baseball or soccer games can start to get tiresome. Stadium seats would be a great thing to have. You don’t have to settle for the generic blank color when you can get a custom stadium seat.

Custom stadium seats can be designed with the team logo or name, or even your favorite player’s name and number. You can order the seat in the color of the team. You can get just a cushion seat or one with a back on it. When we print stadium seats we will need the design that you want or we can help come up with one if you don’t have one in mind already. Most seats get printed on the back so that when you sit in them you will still be able to see the logos. There is no restriction of where to print, if you wanted the design to be where you sit or on the part your back touches then we can also do that as well.

You can choose however many colors you would like, but remember the more colors you choose for screen printing the more it will cost because our pricing is by how many colors you want in the logo. We can print as big as the fabric of the seat allows us.

So get a kick start into the sporting season and by getting custom stadium seats made. AMBRO Manufacturing will make it the best stadium seat you ever sat in or came across. You can give us a call at (908) 806 8337 or email us and we will be happy to help you with any questions or an order.

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