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Silk Screen T Shirt Printing

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Silk Screen T Shirt Printing

Have you heard of silk screen T shirt printing before, but never known what that meant?  All over the world, every day, countless T shirts are getting silk screened for an endless amount of reasons.  All different walks of life can benefit in some way from silk screen T shirt printing.  Printed T shirts make amazing personalized gifts for friends and family.  For custom garment designers, printed T shirts often make up the bread and butter of their clothing line.  They are found in use with athletic teams for spirit wear or for members in clubs or groups.  Musical bands use them for concert tees and others use them to commemorate special events.  There‚Äôs essentially no wrong way to make printed T shirts work for you!

The process behind silk screen T shirt printing is simple to grasp but takes expertise to master.  It all starts out from the design.  The design is separated into layers based on the colors in the design; one layer per color.  The layers are then etched, one by one, into an emulsion on silk mesh screens.  The emulsion blocks the holes in the mesh so that only the areas that you want to print will be uncovered.  The screen is then lined up and laid down on the surface of the garment.  A squeegee pulls colored ink across the mesh and the ink passes through the holes leaving behind the print.  After each screen has applied its part of the design, the image will be complete and ready to be dried.

At AMBRO Manufacturing, we take pride in our top quality screen printing.  Our printing is done in-house so we are able to oversee the entire production process.  We also offer sublimation, embroidery, vinyl, applique, and more.  You can contact us to place an order, or to find out more about our services, by email or by calling us at (908) 806-8337.

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