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Screen Printing Prices

Sergio Rodriguez

Screen Printing Prices

If you are custom garment decorator, regardless of how much passion you have for it, at the end of the day a profit needs to be made.  The fashion industry is a business just like any other, so it takes some well-placed investment to see some return.  That’s why screen printing prices are so crucial to a custom clothing designer.  If you have to spend a lot to create your garments, then you will have to sell them at a higher rate, which may turn off your potential customers.  So, what can you do?

Screen Printing Prices

Well, a good way to start is to work with a company who is transparent with their screen printing prices.  At AMBRO Manufacturing, we post all of our pricing on our website so you can browse at your leisure.  Knowing the full depth of pricing will help you determine the best way to keep costs down.  Another way of reducing cost is by focusing on quantity.  At our company, we can provide you with lower decoration costs as you increase the quantity of items getting customized.  So if you have wholesale goods, you can have us print them in bulk and you can experience the savings!

Also, selecting the best decoration method for your intended design is a good way to save as well.  If you want something screen printed that has 5 or more colors, you could spend less money by having the same design sublimated instead.  Don’t worry if it’s starting to sound complex because our team here at AMBRO Manufacturing can help you out with any questions.  You can let us know what your design aspirations are and we can help guide you to the best method for you.  So if you’re interested in creating some custom garments you can contact us to place an order by email or by calling us at (908) 806-8337.

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