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Scented Tees

Scented Tees, Stink Ink, Scented T-ShirtsSergio Rodriguez

Scented Tees

Novelty items are great way to generate interest amongst consumers because the allure lasts just long enough to pull them in for a sale.  It is for this reason that novelty items generally have some kind of hook to pull you in.  They must be interesting, quirky, or flashy enough to want to purchase them for display or shock value.  In the custom garment decoration world, scented tees are just like that; they have that ‘hanger appeal’ that causes a person to walk over and check it out.  Scented tees feature prints that have your own custom selected scent.

If you’ve never heard of scented tees before, well then, that’s perfect!  Scented tees couldn’t be a novelty product if everyone already knew about them.  Part of their appeal is that they are relatively rare to find so a customer is going to want to grab it while they are still in stock.  At AMBRO Manufacturing, we can offer our clients their own custom scented tees.  You can choose from a stock list of scents or if you have something special in mind, a custom fragrance can be mixed up for you as well.  The way it works is pretty simple; just think of a scented print as a sheet of bubble wrap where each of the bubbles is filled with a fragrance.  As you wear your scent printed garment the little bubbles naturally pop, slowly releasing the fragrance continuously throughout the day.

Scented tees will eventually lose their potency after many washes, but until then you will be sporting a unique garment.  Scented tees are great for promotional material, especially if you are trying to sell fragrances or beauty care products.  You can contact us at AMBRO Manufacturing to place an order, or to find out more about our company, by email or by calling us at (908) 806-8337.

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