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T shirt screen printers

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T shirt screen printers

Screen printing has been around for quite some time, since the late 1700’s, that’s a really long time. As time went on, people wanted more customized designs on the clothing that they wore. Fast forward to the present, you will see everyone wearing graphic tees, brightly colored or complex designs on their clothing.  

T shirt screen printers

There are many t shirt screen printers in the United States yet alone in the world. The best t shirt screen printers in this country, is a place called AMBRO Manufacturing, which is located in Flemington New Jersey. We have been in business for over 25 years with a lot of customers that we deal with. Unlike other t shirt screen printers who only offer a few services, we differ in regards to what we can offer. Some places only to standard screen printing, while others only do large screen printing. We have the capability of doing both small and large jobs, from pants all the way up to blanket prints.

We also have some new services on board, which include, discharge screen printing and foil screen printing. If you don’t know what either of these types of screen printing is, I can tell you this. Discharge screen printing uses water based inks rather than plastisol. Foil screen printing is a really fun way to spice up any design with actual foil which has a bright shine to it, and it looks really awesome on dark shirts. We also are great on fast turn around for projects.

If you have any questions about screen printing or any of our services, email us or you can give us a call anytime at (908) 806 8337 and we can help you get started with your next order. We are your next stop shop for the best screen printing you have ever seen developed.

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