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Scented T-Shirt Printing

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Scented T-Shirt Printing

Anyone who remembers or knows what scratch and sniff stickers are, know the fun of the surprise of how they smell after you scratch them. You can get fruity ones, flowery ones, or sour smelling ones. It was always a fun thing to stick them on school papers or all over notebooks after school was done. Now there is a way to get that effect on clothing. You must think that’s crazy, scented clothing? Well let me tell you it is something that is unique and oddly different that you don’t see or smell a lot.  

Scented T-Shirt Printing

Scents are a way to remember certain things, like a family members favorite cooking or some kind of food that smells great, they can leave a lasting impression on people when they walk by. If you are going to a food or wine tasting event, why not pair it with a shirt that has the scent of the product you are going to taste.

At AMBRO Manufacturing, we can produce scented t-shirt printing. To get the effect of a scent on a t-shirt, there is an invisible layer of ink that holds the scent, and it won’t deter your eye away from the art. When you move around the scent is released into the air. Love the smell of chocolate being made? We have that scent. Instead of always having that fresh baking smell in the house only when you make cookies, wear it on a shirt any day of the week. Our scented t-shirt printing holds the scent fresh up to twenty washes.

AMBRO Manufacturing is the only place in town that can produce scented t-shirts. We have many scents available and can even make custom scents. You can email us or give us a call at (908) 806 8337 to talk about our scented t-shirt printing services.

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