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Discharge and Water Based Printing Services

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Discharge and Water Based Printing Services

When it comes to print custom clothing, it’s always good to have options.  As you may already know, certain designs need the right mixture of services to be realized on a garment.  Most screen printing in America is done with plastisol inks because they are cost effective and easily reused without detriment to the pigment.  Generally, people don’t notice the feel of the print, also known as the ‘hand’, on their garments.  Some lightweight fabrics or garments with many colors printed on them tend to have a more obvious ‘hand’ which may be unpleasant to some.

Discharge and Water Based Printing Services

Discharge and water based printing services are alternative options to plastisol printing.  One of the benefits of using water based inks is the soft ‘hand’ it leaves on the fabric.  Water based inks are much thinner than plastisol inks and because of this, you can barely feel the print on the fabric.  So if you have picky customers at your custom garment store that complain about ‘weighty’ prints, water based printing will quiet them down.  Discharge printing is water based printing with a discharge agent added to the ink.  When the discharge ink is printed and then run through a dryer, the discharge agent removes the existing dye from the fabric.  If you tint the discharge ink you can simultaneously remove the old color and apply a new color in its place!

Discharge and water based printing services generally cost a little more because water based ink has a short shelf life; once you mix a batch, you must use it before it expires.  However, sometimes your designs call for specialty services so it’s important to find a printing company who can help you out.  At AMBRO Manufacturing we can hook you up with our discharge and water based printing services!  You can contact us for any questions or concerns, or to find out more about or company, by email or by calling us at (908) 806-8337.

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