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Professional Screen Printing

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Professional Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is a very commonly used technique for putting custom artwork onto clothing and accessories.  It’s so common, in fact, that there are many different at-home printing kits available to the masses.  The question is, do they work?  The answer to that isn’t a simple yes or no because it depends on the needs of the garment designer.  If you simply want to create simple printed tees at home for your own personal use, then yes it works for you.  If you plan on starting a custom garment decoration company, it is best to get involved with a professional screen printing company.

So why should you choose professional screen printing if you plan to have your own business?  Well, a professional screen printing company will be set up to help you now and will give you the room to grow when your business does.  When you work with us at AMBRO Manufacturing, we keep your artwork on file for future re-ordering ease.  This means over time you can build a portfolio of designs that will be in our records and you won’t have to go through setting up your order from scratch every time.  But that’s only a portion of the benefit you can expect from professional screen printing.

At AMBRO Manufacturing we’ve spent the last 30 years honing our craft and developing printing services to be able to provide a wide variety of options for our clients.  At-home printing won’t be able to provide you with foil printing, water based and discharge ink printing, oversized printing and screen printing on specialty items like tote bags and umbrellas.  So don’t waste your money on dead ends; come to AMBRO Manufacturing instead.  Our team is here to answer your questions and help guide you through the process.  You can contact us by email or by phone at (908) 806-8337.

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