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Wholesale Discharge Screen Printing

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Wholesale Discharge Screen Printing

Do you have your wholesale goods customized with screen printing?  If you do, odds are that you deal with plastisol inks.  Plastisol inks are the industry standard because they are affordable and easily reused.  Since they contain virtually no solvent, they aren’t susceptible to drying out.  This means they can be left on the screen without fear of drying and any excess ink can be reclaimed for future printing.  On the other hand, plastisol inks are really microscopic solid pigments so when they dry on a garment, they leave a firm ‘hand’, which is the feel of the print on the fabric.  For some end-users, a firm hand is not desirable and instead they choose to go with wholesale discharge screen printing.

Wholesale Discharge Screen Printing

Wholesale discharge screen printing is an alternative to printing with plastisol ink that leaves an ultra-soft hand that you won’t even notice!  The reason why is because this type of screen printing uses a water based ink that contains a discharge agent.  Water based inks contain a solvent, typically water, so it is much thinner than plastisol ink.  The discharge agent added to the ink removes the pre-existing color and replaces it with the new color that you want.

Wholesale discharge screen printing does cost more than plastisol because unfortunately, it isn’t reusable due to the solvent.  Each project must have the necessary amount of ink required for the job because waste ink cannot be reclaimed.  The trade off, however, is a super soft print that is perfect for lightweight garments and all over printing.  If you are interested in doing your next project with discharge screen printing, you can come to AMBRO Manufacturing to have it done right!  You can contact us to place your order, or to find out more about our company, by email or by calling us at (908) 806-8337.

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