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Discharge Style of Printing

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Discharge Style of Printing

If you want soft prints with screen printing, you need to check out the discharge style of printing!  What’s that, you haven’t heard of the discharge style of printing before?  Well, there’s plenty of time to find out what it’s all about so maybe you can join in!  If you are custom garment designer that needs the softest touch from your prints, then you should come to AMBRO Manufacturing where we can provide you with water based screen printing and discharge style of printing services.

Discharge Style of Printing

We at AMBRO Manufacturing are a contract screen printing, sublimation, and embroidery company, so we know how to handle your decoration needs with ease.  The discharge style of printing is very similar to the process of screen printing with plastisol inks, but the key difference is in the actual ink.  Discharge printing is an extension of water based ink printing, the only difference is that a discharge agent has been added to the mixture.  The discharge agent is responsible for removing the pre-existing color from the garment so that you can deposit your desired color in its place.  Since the ink is water based, the resulting print is much softer than what plastisol inks can achieve as they stiffen up during the curing process.

The discharge style of printing is ideal for lightweight garments and designs that are meant to get all over coverage on a garment.  Printing at a large scale with heavy inks impacts the wearability and comfortability of the piece, but not with discharge printing.  It’s so soft it will seem like it’s always been a part of the fabric!  So if you are curious about the discharge style of printing and you want to learn more or even start printing with discharge inks, you can contact us at AMBRO Manufacturing by email or by giving us a call at (908) 806-8337.

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