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Specialty Screen Printing and High End Prints

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Specialty Screen Printing and High End Prints

So you’ve got your own custom garment business started and you’ve mastered standard screen prints on your clothing, what’s the next step?  In the fashion industry, if you stand still, you’re going to be left behind, so you must always seek to improve and discover new things to add to your inventory.  With specialty screen printing and high end prints you can really dazzle customers with images and designs that they haven’t seen before!

Specialty Screen Printing and High End Prints

What exactly is specialty screen printing and high end prints?  Well, to understand that, let us first define what standard screen printing is.  In screen printing, custom artwork is separated into layers of color and then burned into a waterproof emulsion on a silk screen.  Each color gets its own screen and they are put onto a printing press where you can load the blank garments on.  The screens come down over the garment and you can then drag colored ink over the screen with a squeegee which will deposit a thin layer of ink onto the fabric through the exposed areas on the screen.  After each color is applied the final image is realized and a quick pass through a dryer sets the print.

Specialty screen printing and high end prints are modified methods of screen printing that require some kind of special resource, equipment, or application to achieve the desired effect.  One example is oversized screen printing.  The process is similar but it requires much larger presses, screens and squeegees, which not every printing company has!  If you are in need of specialty screen printing and high end prints, you can come to us at AMBRO Manufacturing because we have a tremendous amount of customization options to offer you!  We have oversized screen printing, foil printing, scented printing, printing with water based and discharge inks, dye sublimation printing, transfer printing, and so much more!  If you would like to place an order, or if you would like to find out more about AMBRO Manufacturing, you can contact us by email or by giving us a call at (908) 806-8337.

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