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Methods of Textile Printing

Methods of Textile Printi, Textile Printing, Textile Sublimation PrintSergio Rodriguez

Methods of Textile Printing

Why are there so many methods of textile printing available out there?  Well, there are tons of possible designs to apply so necessarily there’s going to be several ways to approach them.  Also, each of the different methods of textile printing carry their own advantages and drawbacks, which factor in making the right choice for your designs.  So if you’re looking to get into custom textile printing, why don’t you stick around and learn more about the wonderful variety in the garment decoration business?

Methods of Textile Printing

One of the most popular methods of textile printing is screen printing because it’s been around for a long time and it just keeps improving!  Most screen printing is done using plastisol inks because they can easily be reclaimed as they won’t dry up when exposed to air.  When you finish a job you can reclaim the excess ink and use it later which helps keep costs down.  There are other types of ink too, like water based and discharge inks, which are susceptible to drying due to the solvent present in the ink, but the trade-off is a softer hand to the print.  Since water based inks can print over seams, they are a great option for all over and wrap around prints.

There are plenty of other methods textile printing that have nothing to do with screens either.  One such type of printing is a method of digital printing called dye sublimation.  The image gets printed out digitally from a sublimation printer onto a heat transfer sheet and then heat pressed to the garment to create the print; it’s that simple!  If you want to learn more about the different methods of textile printing or you are in need of garment customization, you can come to us at AMBRO Manufacturing!  You can easily place an order, or find out more about our company, by email or by giving us a call at (908) 806-8337.

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