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Screen Printing Sublimation

Screen Printing SublimatiLeanne Phibbs

Screen Printing Sublimation

Are you in search for some great quality tee shirts or decorated apparel to add to your wardrobe? Have you exhausted all of your options in places to go to get something you created? Don’t fear that this is the end of the road with no more options ahead, because there is a screen printing sublimation company that can help you out in a blink of an eye.

AMBRO Manufacturing has been in business for over 30 years and continues to grow each day. We have a lot services that we offer to make your design come alive. There are two different types of printing that we do; screen printing and sublimation. We can do many different techniques with screen printing. There is the standard screen printing, which includes a front or a back print, and there is also all over printing. With all over printing, we can print from sleeve to sleeve and top to bottom to cover the entire shirt. Using screen printing, we have two different ink systems that produce different results. We have plastisol and water based ink; plastisol is a more heavy ink, and water based has a soft hand to the print.

Screen Printing Sublimation

Sublimation can use full color images to print on a white polyester shirt. This uses a special transfer paper that when it is heat pressed onto the shirt it will get dyed into the fabric. There are many options as you can see when you come to AMBRO Manufacturing for your screen printing sublimation jobs.

You can give us a call any time at (908) 806 8337 or you can email us and we will get back to you with anything you may need to know about screen printing sublimation. We have a show room that you can take a look around and see the quality of printing that we can do.

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