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All Over Printing T Shirts

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All Over Printing T Shirts

If you are looking to raise money for a cause you can do so with some printed t shirts. But why stop at basic printed t shirts? You should go with the all over printing t shirts. Why you may ask, well it is because you can really get your point across with an all over printing t shirt and more people will be more likely to buy it because it is different from anything else they have seen. Now you may be wondering where you can get all over printing t shirts from right?

All Over Printing T Shirts

AMBRO Manufacturing is the place to go for you’re all over printing t shirts. Not only is AMBRO Manufacturing in the United States but they are also the only screen printing company in the United States that offers minimums as low as they do. AMBRO Manufacturing also uses water based inks for all over screen printing so that you get a lightweight shirt that also has a very soft hand to it. All you have to do is tell us what shirts you would like to use or you can supply your own, then you would send us the art of what you would like to have printed on your t shirts, and last you would let us know what pantone colors you would like to use for your logo. It is that simple to work with AMBRO Manufacturing.

So if it is that easy to work with AMBRO Manufacturing, then why haven’t you called us yet? Oh you don’t have our phone number? Well our phone number is (908) 806-8337. You don’t feel like calling us? Well then you can send us an email with what you would like to have done and the art for the print you would like to get printed.

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