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Big Print on Sweatpants Leg

Big Print on Sweatpants L, Screen Printing SweatpantLeanne Phibbs

Big Print on Sweatpants Leg

Fall fundraisers for many different clubs and sports in schools have begun. Typically when you do fundraisers you may see the same type of products between two different fundraisers. Most fundraisers have tee shirts, sweat shirts, blankets, and other trinket type items.

You can be different and have pants in your fundraiser. Now, you can have it be printed with a small logo or you can have a big print on sweatpants leg. AMBRO Manufacturing is a screen printing company that can print that large on a pair of pants. Typically most of our prints on a sweatpants leg are one or two colors. The maximum size that we can make a big print on sweatpants leg is twenty-four inches tall and no wider than five inches. At this size, the print will be on the entire leg.

Big Print on Sweatpants Leg

You can get any sweatpants that you would like or we can provide them for you. We have open bottom and closed bottom sweatpants that we can print on. A print this large will be seen from a distance and it will last through washes. We also only print on one leg with a print that takes up the entire length. The big print on sweatpants leg is typically on the front or down the outer side of the leg. If you have many different sizes we can either do two different sized artworks or we size to the smallest piece in the order.

Kick start your fundraising goals with this product. You can give us a call any time at (908) 806 8337 or you can email us and we will get back to you with anything you may need to know about how to get a big print on sweatpants leg. We are located in Flemington, New Jersey.

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