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Wide Format Screen Printing

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Wide Format Screen Printing

Are you interested in a different type of shirt that you don’t see around too often? If you are getting bored of the same kind of designs on shirts and want something more eye catching, keep on reading. AMBRO Manufacturing is a screen printing company that does a lot of work with wide format screen printing.

Wide format screen printing is a way to get a tee shirt design that fits over the entire shirt. It uses large screens that fit a shirt if you lay it down flat. Using this type of printing, we typically use one or two colors to print. Any more than two colors, it will be hard to register on the shirt. We can print from edge to edge and across the sleeves. In the areas that there are seams, the ink may not print well over them, since it is slightly thicker fabric.

Wide Format Screen Printing

When using wide format screen printing if you have a range of sizes from smalls to really large ones, we may have to separate the design in two; one size to fit for the smaller sizes and another to fit for the larger sizes. We do this so that when scaling the art it will look proportionate to the actual shirt. When we print with this technique we like to use acrylic or water based ink. This will have a lighter touch on the shirt and will not feel heavy with all the ink sitting on the shirt.

Let us make you a cool shirt with an all over print. You can give us a call any time at (908) 806-8337 or you can email us and we will get back to you with anything you may need to know. We are located in Flemington, New Jersey.

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