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Fashion T Shirt Printing

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Fashion T Shirt Printing

Are you part of the fashion industry? Are you all about what’s new and in right now? Are you looking for the best fashion t shirts printing? Well look no further because you have found the number one fashion t shirt printing company in the United States of America. And no we are not just saying that we are number one because we think we are we say it because we know we are.

Fashion T Shirt Printing

Why is AMBRO Manufacturing number one? Why are they the best in the United States? This is because everything we do we do right here is our New Jersey ware house. Not only that we only use the best products for our customers. If it is fashion t shirt printing that you are looking for we can do it for you. We will use a water based ink when printing a fashion t shirt for you. Why water based inks you may ask? Well the reason we would use water based inks for your fashion t shirt printing is because the inks are light weight and they have a super soft had. Water based inks are made for the fashion industry.

We have two different kinds of water based inks that we can use for your t shirts. The first water based ink would be a discharge ink. With discharge inks the t shirts would have to be a dark color and 100% cotton in order for this to work. If you want a lighter shirt and don’t want 100% cotton then you will want us to use a water based acrylic ink. You will love these inks and only want to use them for all of your printing needs. If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer you can send us an email or give us a call at (908) 806-8337.

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