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Waterbased Ink Printer

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Waterbased Ink Printer

When you’re planning your next custom garment print you should consider the softness of the ink itself because if you’ve only had plastisol inks printed before then you aren’t getting the full picture.  It’s easier than you think to start working with a waterbased ink printer because you’ve already discovered us right here at AMBRO Manufacturing! We offer our services to customers of all different experience levels so don’t be shy about it because we can help you take a custom printing vision into real printed products.

If you’ve never worked with a waterbased ink printer before, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed because we are here every step of the way to assist you.  Our support team always keeps open lines of communication so if you have any questions or require any guidance, there is someone there to help. We do all of our production right here in our own facility which enables us to maintain superior quality control from start to finish on every project, no matter how big or small.

Waterbased Ink Printer

A waterbased ink printer uses inks that are formulated to penetrate deeper into the fabric while leaving behind a soft imprint so that when you run your hand over the design it feels like it’s barely there at all.  This type of printing is especially suite for all over garment prints because it feels lightweight even with seam to seam graphics. It’s so simple to get a project started with us as all you need to do is reach out to one of our representatives and we’ll be happy to get you started from there.  You can contact us to place an order, or to find out more about our company and all of the customization services we have to offer, by email or by giving us a call at (908) 806-8337.

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