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All Over T Shirt Printing

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All Over T Shirt Printing

AMBRO Manufacturing is a specialty garment, textile and fabric printer in New Jersey.  One of our specialty niche areas is the process of All Over T Shirt Printing.  We accomplish All Over T Shirt Printing through the use of one of two methods.

All Over T Shirt Printing

The primary method of All Over T Shirt Printing is through the use of custom Dye Sublimation Printing.  This process involves specialty wide format printers, specialty inks, papers and jumbo industrial heat press equipment.

All Over T Shirt Printing accomplished through custom Dye Sublimation printing has specific requirements and limitations.  The requirements of custom Dye Sublimation printing begin with the garment or fabric.  The fabric for custom Dye Sublimation must be 100% polyester or a member of the polyester family i.e. Rayon, Nylon, Spandex etc ...  The fabric must also be white.  All Dye Sublimation inks are opaque and require the white in the fabric to produce brilliant results.

The secondary method for accomplishing an All Over T Shirt Printing project is a Jumbo All Over Shirt Press.  Most screen printing is accomplished on large automated screen printing presses.  However, these presses often have limitations in the length and width of the print stroke.  To accomplish a Jumbo Print, special equipment, frames, squeegees and other items are required.  Similar to custom Dye Sublimation  printing, Jumbo Screen Printing also has requirements and limitations.

The limitations in Jumbo All Over Shirt Printing, include the need for a set of screen printing screens for each size of T Shirt in the run, and a limitation on the number of colors that can be used for each print run. 

When considering a Jumbo All Over Shirt Printing Project, the best first step is to always speak with an expert to see what your options for amazing results are.

If you are interested in All Over T Shirt Printing, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.