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Custom All Over Print Shirts

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Custom All Over Print Shirts

Custom All Over Print Shirts are often difficult to source due to the need for specialized screen printing and/or dye sublimation print equipment.  Most wholesale screen printing companies don't have the ability to produce Custom All Over Print Shirts because standard and common screen printing equipment won't allow for a print stroke large enough.

Custom All Over Print Shirts

AMBRO Manufacturing is a garment, fabric and textile specialty print company that provides high quality Custom All Over Print Shirts services.

There are three options for your Custom All Over Print Shirts project.

Option #1 - Jumbo All Over Shirt Screen Printing

This option allows you to offer your clients the ability to produce up to 4 colors of jumbo all over shirt prints using a screen printing.  The print area for this method is sleeve to sleeve and neck to waist (all over the shirt).  Your customer can use this method to print on the front and back of the shirt.  This is our recommended method, unless your customers design needs to cover 100% of the fabric of the shirt, in which case Dye Sublimation Printing would be more appropriate.

Option #2 - Dye Sublimation All Over Shirt Printing

Dye Sublimation printing provides the best form of Custom All Over Print Shirts.  There are some limitations however using Custom Dye Sublimation for your customers project.  The investment to produce a Custom Dye Sublimation T-Shirt, even wholesale, ranges from $9-$15 per print location.  In order to complete a T-Shirt "all over" that's 2 print locations front and back.  You may be looking at a $30 investment to print 1 shirt, and this is why most dye sublimation shirts in retail stores sell for $60-$85.  You can choose this option for your clients Custom All Over Print Shirts project, but be advised that the shirt must be 100% polyester and start out white.

Option #3 - Pick and Place

This is the least preferred method and involves printing a shirt, removing it from the press, drying it, re-positioning it on the press, printing it again, and removing and drying it again etc ...  This method is typically used by screen printing companies that don't have the proper equipment to print a Custom All Over Print Shirts project but don't want to turn the business away.  It could work, depending on the design, but often leaves seams and inconsistencies that are less than desirable.  

If you are interested in a Custom All Over Print Shirts project, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.