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Oversized Screen Printing

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Oversized Screen Printing

Oversized Screen Printing is a specialty area of screen printing that few screen printers specialize in.  Due to the unique nature and cost of Oversized Screen Printing equipment, many small and medium sized screen printing companies shy away from producing this type of work, and most large printers specialize in volume screen printing.  As a result, finding qualified Oversized Screen Printing companies can be challenging.

Oversized Screen Printing

AMBRO Manufacturing provides Oversized Screen Printing services to the trade and for specific contract customers.  Unlike traditional screen printing that allows for 14" x 16" print areas, Jumbo Sized Screen Printing can exceed several square feet.

While custom dye sublimation printing offers the ability to produce and all over screen printing effect, the end user is limited to polyester or high polyester content fabrics.  All over screen printing offers the end user an unlimited variety of fabrics.

Most jumbo all over screen printing work is done with 2-3 colors and result in amazing design work.  With the use of ink softeners and high resolution, high mesh screens, screen printing companies that specialize in this type of work can produce results that will rival sublimation printing.

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