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Sublimation T Shirts

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Sublimation T Shirts

AMBRO Manufacturing is a specialty garment decorator based in New Jersey that provides wholesale Sublimation T Shirts services.  Working within the trade in a wholesale sublimation capacity, AMBRO Manufacturing provides quick turn-around time, amazing sublimation quality, fair prices and supreme customer service.

Sublimation T Shirts

Sublimation T Shirts are a hot market, with eye popping colors, performance fabrics and unique designs, Sublimation T Shirts are the perfect option for teams, events and companies that want to display their messages uniquely.

New sublimation technologies enable sublimation printers to sublimate on already sewn garments.  It wasn't too long ago that if you wanted Sublimation T Shirts, you were limited to a cut and sew operation.  With today's sublimation technologies, full 360 degree sublimation designs can be printed on T-Shirts that are off of the shelf.

The basic "rules" of wholesale Sublimation T Shirts are :

  • All shirts must start out white and be 100% polyester or a poly family blend
  • Wholesale (per print) price range expectations should be $9-$15 depending on the art
  • 12 Piece minimums should be expected
  • Small "creases" are going to occur, leaving coverage at 98%-99%

The key to selling Sublimation T Shirts to your customer base is setting their expectations properly in advance.  Sublimation printing is not the same as screen printing and the cost structure and capabilities are completely different.  Most sublimated shirts are selling in the $65-$85 retail range, and wholesale prices are in-line with those retail prices.

If you are interested in Sublimation T Shirts, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.