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Large Format Fabric Printing

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Large Format Fabric Printing

Large Format Fabric Printing is accomplished using specialized screen printing equipment as well as knowledge and know how to achieve optimal results.

Large Format Fabric Printing is defined as any fabric print surface that is greater than 18" in width and length.  Most screen printing presses have a maximum print area of 14" x 16" which is not large enough to accomplish a true Large Format Fabric Printing job.

Large Format Fabric Printing

AMBRO Manufacturing is a specialty Garment, Fabric and Textile printer based in Flemington, NJ.  With over 30 years of fabric embellishment experience and the in-house capability of producing amazing Large Format Fabric Printing work, AMBRO Manufacturing is the perfect partner to accomplish your Jumbo Screen Printing requirements.

Most Large Format Fabric Printing jobs require custom fabrication and tooling.  Since each Jumbo Print job is unique, AMBRO Manufacturing has an in-house custom machine and tooling shop to fabricate the components necessary to complete your job with optimum results.

Some screen printers simulate Jumbo print jobs by printing in one location on the fabric or garment, then removing the item, repositioning it and attempting to get a perfect register, and then applying a second print.  We won't say that this method doesn't work, but it does add inconsistency and registration errors to the process. 

To achieve the perfect every time print, specialized equipment is required.  If you are interested in Large Format Fabric Printing projects, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.