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Screen Printing Prices

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Screen Printing Prices

Screen Printing Prices vary greatly based on the contract screen printing company that you choose to work with.  Factors that go into the pricing include: The number of T-Shirts that you are ordering, The number of colors in your design, the number of print locations and the labor costs in the part of the country where the contract screen printer is located.

Screen Printing Prices

Contract screen printers typically fall into one of three categories:

1.  Huge - 6  or more automatic presses, huge warehouse space, ability to print thousands of garments per day.  Working out of a huge facility or multiple facilities.

2.  Medium - between 1 and 5 presses, some automatic, some manual, can produce a thousand or two garments per day.  Working out of one facility in an industrial park.

3.  Mom and Pop - usually no automatic presses, a manual press or two, capable of producing under a thousand shirts a day, working out of a basement or small store front.

Each type of screen printer will offer different Screen Printing Prices.  Deciding on which contract screen printer to choose may not always come down to just the price.  Often piece of mind, gut feeling and the ability of the company to produce the desired results within the desired time frame are going to be more important factors.

Let's face it, nobody wants to turn down business, but if a company can't meet your deadline or produce the quality that you demand, then the cheapest price isn't going to be worth anything to you or your end users.

AMBRO Manufacturing is a contract screen printing company based in NJ.  Our prices can be found online here, and we are in-between a Huge and Medium sized company.  We work with orders of all sizes and provide high quality prints and a fair price point.

If you are interested in fair Screen Printing Prices and amazing quality work and fast turn around times, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.